Project Funding

The project is embeded in the Jean Monnet Program of Lifelong Long Learning scheme, after a meticulous proposal submitted by the University of Piraeus, which was endorsed by the project's partners. The project was one of the 207 proposals to be qualified in 2012, with reference code 528832-LLP-2012-GR-AJM-RE.
The Jean Monnet programme aims at stimulating teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies at the level of higher education institutions within and outside the European Community.
Jean Monnet projects are selected on the basis of their academic merits and following a process of rigorous and independent peer review. Jean Monnet projects are run with strict respect for the principle of academic autonomy and freedom.
In this respect, this project is funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture up to 57,66% in the context of the LLP Jean Monnet Program. The rest of the amount is covered by the partners' own contribution.