Three New Papers Released on R.P.5

posted Sep 8, 2014, 5:46 AM by Georgios Dafnos
Three new papers have been released on R.P.5 . The first two papers comprise case studies focused on specific aspects of the financial and accounting market in the EU aiming to address the need for greater transparency in financial accounting and reporting, a goal of paramount importance for the realization of EU's financial, banking and economic integration.
In particular, the first paper has been released by Professor El. Thalassinos and Assistant Professor Konstantinos Liapis. The paper focuses on segmental financial reporting in the banking sector as a requirement of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The topic is approached by setting out the core principles and rules that result from the application of IFRS 8 “Operating Segments” or the Segmental Financial Accounting System 131 (SFAS 131), focusing on an entity’s implementation procedure for the financial segments establishment as well as the disclosure requirements upon which it becomes effective. International and multi-activity business firms achieve different financial results per activity segment. They are also exposed to several kinds of risk related to geographical and market factors depending on the variety of goods or services they provide. To that end, the financial reporting of a firm’s performance for each business segment and geographical area is crucial for investors.

The second paper has been prepared by Prosessor Dejan Spasic and Assoc. Professor Ksenija Dencic-Mihajlov and is titled "The Level of Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosures of Listed Companies (case of Serbia) and Some Recommendation for Improving their Relevance"The paper focuses on modeling the Disclosure index both mandatory and voluntary for financial and non-financial information in order to examine individual determinants of the level of disclosure for companies listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The study examines 63 Serbian listed companies’ compliance with regulatory framework for financial reporting in Serbia and with for decision-making useful voluntary disclosures. As a result of our research, we found the low  level of disclosure, as well as the information that is most common and rarest disclosed. In addition, we analyze which factors determine the level of mandatory and voluntary disclosure of companies in the Serbian capital market. As a result of the research, taking into consideration previous studies, we give some recommendations for improving the relevance of financial and non-financial disclosures in order to increase the efficiency of capital markets.

Finally, the third paper has been prepared by Vincent Bouvatier and Anne-Laure Delatte, both researchers from Economix Research Centre. The paper is titled "International Banking Activites: the Isolation of the Euro-Area" and it documents the dynamics of international banking activities beyond descriptive statistics. The paper's main concern is whether the recent financial crisis has taken its toll on the globalization process as its appearing slowdown may result in greater economic disintegration.

You may find all three papers here under R.P.5.