Collective Book

The final collective book represents the group's final output and tangible commitment to the European Commission. In this respect, it will represent the crowning achievement of the two years' research work.

The Final Collective Book (approximately 450 pages) will have the following structure (sub-chapters not included - subject to any future amendments):

Chapter 1: the EMU’s impact on Trade and Wealth Distribution

Chapter 2: the EMU’s impact on Economic Transformation and Development on a) EU member States, b) states aspiring to EU membership and c) SMEs

Chapter 3: the EMU’s impact on Governance & Institutional Change on a) EU member States and b) states aspiring to EU membership

Chapter 4: the EMU’s impact on the relation between States and MarketsEconomic Convergence and Fiscal Integration,

Chapter 5: the EMU’s impact on Financial Markets and the European Banking System as a driving force on EU’s finalite.

Moerover, the Final Book may include a supplementary section concerning the level of each country's economic convergence to EMU standards. These case studies may be included on a Volume II, depending on the publishing house's interest.

Below, you may find presentation of the Final Collective Book's draft versions of Introductory Chapter and Chapter 5.

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