RP5-Financial Markets & European Banking System

Objectives - Impact:

Main aim of this research pillar is to examine the significance of Financial Markets and the European Banking System for European Integration and Global Financial Stability. Moreover, aspects of Economic Governance related to the Banking Union are addressed.

Sub-Activities/Topics Covered:

a) EMU’s interaction with Financial Markets and the role of Rating Companies

b) EMU’s impact on European Banking System and their role on Economic Development

c) EMU’s need for Banking Union Governance

d) EMU’s impact on European Financial Stability

e) EMU’s impact on Global Financial Stability and International Currency Management

Benefits for Participants & Linkage to LLP Goals:

1)  Dissemination of specialized knowledge to Civil Society and furnishing its members with understanding of the significance of the European Integration project, thus enhancing the sense of European identity,

2)  Enhancing education at all levels (academic, intermediaries, civil society) thus serving the objectives of Europe 2020 regarding incentives for increasing third level education,

3) Promoting academic research of high calibre and the involvement of young researchers and distinguished academics, thus facilitating the goal of a European Research Area.

Impact on the Field of Research: to determine the EMU’s interaction with financial markets, the significance of European Banking System for EU’s economic development, to highlight the need for modern, flexible and solid structures of Economic Governance and to underline the significance of the EMU for European & Global financial stability.