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1) To create the necessary framework for comparative research, trans-national cooperation and policy formulation.

2) To pool economic, human and documentary resources establishing an integrated academic network of scholars,

3) To foster multidisciplinary analysis on the impact of the EMU that would involve not only academics but also policy-makers and civil society,

4) To stimulate the debate and research on the importance of European integration for states’ socio-economic stability, economic development and global financial stability,

5) To involve a vibrant community of researchers.


1) To serve as a multinational centre of contemporary academic research & as a forum of policy formulation,

2) To participate in international research networks on EU integration.

3) To facilitate intellectual exchange and forge regional links with academic institutions.

4) To increase the notion of the EU as a policy producing Actor.

5) To provide a platform for the engagement of researchers and policy makers.

6) To make an impact on policy making by putting forward policy proposals to EU Institutions.